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Along with our core staff (pictured below), we also have a network of research associates who we work with on a project by project basis.  Data collection staff are selected from the 80-100 casual telephone and intercept interviewers on our books at any time.

    • Christine Maddern - Director

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Hons Linguistics), MBA, QPMR

      Research career commenced: 1986


      After a short stint as a tutor in Linguistics, I went to work at Reark Research in 1986 where I received training and mentoring from some of the best researchers in the industry.  After 7 years it was time to step out into the business world and in 1993 Market Solutions was born.  As a micro business I had to develop skills across all facets of the research process, but these days my focus is on project design, questionnaire development and interpretative reporting. I enjoy interacting with clients and particularly relish the challenges of meeting their needs.



      I love research…but the show must go on!


      With a daughter entrenched in the performing arts, it was inevitable that I would be drawn into the glittering world of costume design.

      My mantra in this domain is more is better…you can never have enough Swarovski.

    • John Roberts - Senior Research Assistant

      Qualifications: Bachelor Science, Grad Dip Environmental Mgmt
      Research career commenced: 2009


      I spent the early part of my career in the information management industry, within both the Victorian Local Government and private sectors.  I commenced my research career with Market Solutions doing intercept interviews in Victoria’s national parks.  Shortly after I went on to become a full time Research Assistant, where I have built on my existing abilities developing a wide range of industry specific skills including questionnaire scripting and programming, sampling, data analysis and reporting.  I enjoy supporting my colleagues at Market Solutions in all facets of research delivery to ensure quality outcomes are achieved.


      I love research… even after a hard night!


      With a new addition to the family in 2010, there were a few sleepless nights in my earlier days at Market Solutions.  While things have settled down since, 7am is considered a sleep-in at the Roberts’ household these days.

    • Erin Roberts - Research Assistant

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Social Science (majoring in Sociology and Media Studies, Swinburne University of Technology); Bachelor of Social Work (RMIT University)

      Research career commenced: 2006


      I developed an interest in social, market and communications research after being involved with several research projects while at university, including a placement at the Victorian Institute of Sport. Over the past seven years, I have worked for various strategic research organisations and have managed and assisted in various projects for local, state and federal government departments as well as private organisations. I am passionate about understanding what people think and why it is they think this way, and how communication campaigns and strategic decisions can be informed by the qualitative research process. Having previously worked at Market Solutions in a full time Project Manager capacity, I now work with the team on a part time basis, assisting the PMs with the nuts and bolts of their projects, as well as assisting with Tender and Proposal responses.


      I love research…and keeping it in the family!

      Yes, you read correctly….John and I have the same surname, which means we are MARRIED and WORK TOGETHER…. Luckily we aren’t made to share an office together, which really is for the good of the whole team.

      I am kept very busy with our 3 year old son, Josh, who would also like to come and ‘work’ with us in the office (by ‘work’ he means talk on the phone, scribble on files, and dance for everyone).

      I enjoy hitting the bush trails for a bit of a run, and I even managed my first half marathon last year. You can find myself and a few of the other Market Solutions team members in the front yard of the office on Wednesday afternoons boxing out our troubles or doing jumping burpies across the grass


    • Danielle Jenner - Senior Research Assistant

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Behavioural Science, Postgraduate Diploma of Applied Psychology
      Research career commenced: 2004


      After completing my university studies I discovered the world of market research and began my career at Market Solutions as a research assistant in 2004. After a short time, I was keen to move into project management and found myself learning all facets of the research process and experiencing varying methodologies first hand. As an experienced project manager, my current focus is on quantitative projects with customer satisfaction research and community perceptions research particular areas of interest.

      I enjoy fostering positive, professional and yet relaxed client relationships and I am proud to say we have a core group of clients who value our work and approach and return year after year


      I love research… but can’t wait to travel again!


      After a round the world trip a few years ago, I was surprised to find I didn’t want to come home despite being an unashamed homebody!  With the travel bug well and truly caught, I am looking forward to the next big trip where I can discover new sights, smells and tastes.

      I particularly can’t wait to visit Italy again and re-experience those warm nights eating homemade pasta by the beach and listening to Dean Martin songs…

    • Tania McKenzie - Office Manager

      Qualifications: My training is in accounting and office administration.  I have gained a wealth of experience over the years across multiple fields.
      Research career commenced: 2011


      My career started too many years ago as a medical receptionist.  From there I moved into the legal field and did some secretarial and accounting work. I worked in private industry for a few years then moved back to the legal industry as an Accounts Supervisor and most recently an Assistant Accountant. I started with Market Solutions in 2011 as the Office Manager and it has been the most rewarding role of my career.


      I love research… and I love my “baby”


      In 2004 I decided it was time to do something nice for my husband.  So I relented and, after years of having cats, I got my first dog.  A black spoodle.

      She was a tiny black ball of fur who we called Bella and she melted my heart.  She has been running my life ever since.

      When I’m not working I’m generally on the couch having cuddles with my girl or in the yard playing with her.

    • Phil Anderson - Field Supervisor

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts (Majoring in History)
      Research career commenced: 2001


      I have changed degrees and study paths a few times since high school, but Market Solutions has been a constant throughout those eleven years. I had a year just studying without working, but I found that a lack of spending money was a real downer, so a friend pointed me to MS and I never looked back. Starting at Market Solutions in 2001, I have gained a thorough understanding of how research is gathered and how important it is to stay impartial. In my time working on the phones I learned a great deal about the systems being used, phone manner and problem resolution. In my current role as a field supervisor I enjoy the different challenge it offers and the opportunity to mentor field staff.


      I love research… shaken, not stirred


      The mixing of alcoholic beverages has become a recent interest of mine, much to the delight of my housemates and family.

      Aside from drinking them, there’s a certain satisfaction when you create a drink that looks like, for want of a better term, just like in the movies.

      It is also rather encouraging to be able to give pointers to some staff working in bars on how to mix drinks. I hope they don’t mind constructive criticism

      Anyone for a Mint Julep this summer?

    • Martin Da Cruz - Field Supervisor

      Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts/Education (Majoring in Politics and History)
      Research career commenced: 2005


      Fresh out of high school, I began working at Market Solutions as a market research interviewer, and was trained and put to task on intercept work. One of the first things that struck me about this work was the diversity of the people we spoke with, and that everybody’s opinion is equally valued.  My enthusiasm for the job gave me the opportunity to progress to qualitative research projects including mystery shopping and some executive interviewing, and soon enough I was a Team Leader, then Field Coordinator, which exposed me to the finer details of field activities and personnel management.


      I love research… and kicking goals!


      As a supervisor at Market Solutions, my main objective is the smooth operations of our field team.  I achieve this through hard work and enthusiasm in the most positive environment I can create, even on weekends!  At the end of the day, there is no greater satisfaction for me than the happiness of our field staff.

      Out of the office I have a passion for sport, particularly soccer.  I also spend my time reading and just taking a breath and having a relax.